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Mineral Water Production Plant

Product Details:

Plant AccessoriesPET Blowing Machine, Rinsing and Sealing Machine, Labelling Machine
Automation GradeAutomatic, Semi-Automatic
Installation/Civil WorkAvailable
Number of Membranes in RO4, 2, 3
Max Water Recovery Rate60-65 %, 50-55 %, 55-60 %, 70-75 %
Number of Filtration Passes5, 3, 4
Water SourceBorewell Water, Open Well water, River Water, Municipal Water Supply
Purification Capacity500 L/hour, 1000 L/hour, 2000 L/hour, 5000 L/hour
Water Filling MethodPouch Filling, Bottle Filling
CertificationsISI, BIS
LaboratoryChemical Laboratory
Chilling Capacity (in tons)1 Ton, 2 Ton
Chiller Capacity (in Liters)500 L, 1000 L
Pouch Filling Capacity (Pouch/hour)3000/Hour
Jar Filling Capacity (Jars/Hour)120/Hour
Material of ConstructionStainless Steel and FRP
Control PanelWith Control Panel
Water Purification ProcessRO, UV, Ozonation, Carbon Filtration, Chlorination
Overall Dimensions (LxBxH) in meters2500 square feet
Approximate Power Consumption (in kW)20 HP
Manufacturing Lead Time21 Days
Bottle Filling Capacity (Bottles/min)10 Bottle/min, 20 Bottle/min
Installation TypeCompletes Civil work with Installation, Containerized Plug & Play, Prefabricated

We offer mineral water production plant. Mineral water production plant is base on reverse osmosis system. We supply mineral water production plant with fully automatic bottle filling machine, water pouch packing machine, jar filling machine, jar washing machine, chemical lab and micro lab.

Product Video of Mineral Water Production Plant

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