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Alkaline Mineral Water Plant

Product Details:

Water Purification Processalkaline water plant
Installation/Civil WorkInstallation Available
Type Of MachinesWater Purification System
Bottle Filling Capacity50 Bottle/min
RO Capacity2000-3000 (Liter/hour)
Plant Area900 sq. feet
Purification TypeAlkaline with high ph
Capacity2000 liter per hour
Power Consumption10 hp
Plant AccessoriesRinsing and Sealing Machine
Machine TypeAutomatic, Semi-Automatic
Warranty1 year

we offer alkaline mineral water plant. alkaline mineral water plant is start with ss ro plant plus alkaline mineral water plant system. alkaline mineral water plant is made from ss. alkaline mineral water plant is also comination of mcf. alkaline mineral water plant is use for high ph water produce. alkaline mineral water plant is use for drinking water industries. 

Product Video of Alkaline Mineral Water Plant

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