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buttermilk pouch packing machine 500x500 2

Buttermilk Pouch Packing Machine

Product Details:

Pouch Capacity400-600 grams, 200-400 grams
Capacity (pouch per hour)0-500
Automation GradeAutomatic
Pouch Length6
Machine Power0-1 HP
Model No.pack tech
We offer Buttermilk pouch packing machine.Buttermilk pouch packing machine is used in dairy industries. Buttermilk pouch packing machine speed is 1200 pouch per hour to 2000 pouch per hour. Buttermilk pouch packing machine uses multilayer low-density poly. We offer 200ml to 500ml buttermilk pouch packing machine & 500ml to 1-liter heavy duty buttermilk pouch packing machine.

Product Video of Buttermilk Pouch Packing Machine

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